"Bespoke Suppliers of Needlepunch & Thermally Bonded Technical Nonwovens”

Product Range

  • Breather Fabrics
  • Substrates for Resin Infusion
  • CIPP Pipeline Renovation Felt
  • Substrates for  Composites
  • Incontinence Felt
  • Environmental Control
  • Oleophobic or Oleophillic
  • Laminated Composites

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Technical Textiles

AMR Textiles and Fibre Fillings supply products into many diverse technical markets with highly specified products that are tailored for each individual Customer.

Many different fibre finishes are available with both hydro/oleo “phillic” or “phobic” properties to meet your specific requirements.

Various materials both in-house and externally supplied can be combined by utilising the services of our Group Laminating Division (Holden Laminates).

Research & Development

Our research programme reflects our continued commitment to meet the demands of our customers. Our wide range of technologies & processes coupled with a vast knowledge and experience within the company, allows us to fully understand your specific requirements and therefore provide you with total solutions to meet your needs.

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